Thursday, July 10, 2008


When I moved in it was just an empty closet to the left of the stairway.
Then I moved in and it was still an empty closet next to the stairway and I was doing laundry at my mom's house or my neighbor's.
When Santa Claus brought a washer and dryer this year, I ripped off the doors and painted the inside of the closet and turned it into a "laundry bar."  The washer and dryer are behind the white curtains, and all the laundry supplies are in the robin's egg canisters. With, of course, the guidance of my mom, we had a piece of white counter cut at Home Depot and laid it on the washer/dryer (they had to be front load).  Then, Frantiques hemmed the curtains to be shorter and I hung them on a shower curtain rod.  I think the mirror is key in making it look bigger and more like a bar.  Mom did the same thing but hers has a chandelier inside.  I'll try to get a pic.

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Anonymous said...

That is really pretty and smart. I would love to know what color/which paint the blue on the walls and in the laundry closet are. Do you prefer flat paint over a satin?