Friday, July 25, 2008


About two seconds after reading Jonathan Adler's book, I became obsessed with the faux bamboo chippendale chairs he uses from room to room in his design.  (above picture is an example). You can buy them for $495-550 each here, but if you are me, you cannot buy them there or your credit card will max out and you won't be able to eat for four months, so off I went on the hunt for the faux bamboo chippendales of my dreams (for less).  The hunt lasted eight months. I would go to the shoe department at Barneys and pretend to try on shoes so I could sit in them (Adler designed the Dallas Barneys and used his chairs). I became so infatuated with these chairs I even painted a picture of one.  And then it happened. I found them featured at an upcoming estate sale.  Six of them. I knew my friend Hannah was looking for two (and I needed four), so we got to the sale first and got to the chairs first and mission accomplished.  You don't want to know how much of a bargain we got because if you bought the Adler ones full price you will cry.
Hannah, of course, painted hers robin's egg blue because if Hannah could find a robin's egg food coloring she would only eat robin's egg-colored food, and if robin's egg blue was a town she would move there.  She secretly wishes she was a bird so she could actually create robin's eggs because she loves it so much.


Emily said...

Hey Jenny,

I found your site and I love it! Would love to do a blog post on your house and your store if you don't mind :)

I used to date Kurt, I don't know if you remember me, but my friend and I do a Dallas/Houston blog and would love to feature Uptown Country Home in it!


Hannah said...

Don't forget that I painted my bathroom "the color the world would be if you were inside of a robin's egg, looking out."

I LOVE our chairs!

SimplyGrove said...

I love your style! You did a great job with your apartment. I am digging faux bamboo chairs myself right now. I just redid one the other day. We should exchange links??

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I also live in the Dallas area. Do you have a source (website, etc.) for finding area estate sales?

Andrea said...

Thanks for this post! I just happened to see it when I was looking for this style of chair. I doubt that I would be lucky enough to find the chairs at an estate sale, so I am going to order them from Adler. They owe you one.