Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So Many New Treasures in Today! March 11, 2014

Grey Tufted Queen Headboard

Linen & Oak Queen Headboard

Petite Grey Florentine Trays
 Click here to purchase florentine's online: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Vintage-Italian-Florentine-Style-Trays-Aqua-p/aqflor.htm
Shabby white mirror

Hanging Grey Hand Mirrors

Paris Street Sign
 To purchase Paris Street Signs online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Metal-Paris-Street-Sign-p/mpss.htm
Rose Tin Pedestal Dish

Mirrored Sconce Set
 To purchase mirrored sconces online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Gilded-Antiqued-Mirror-with-Candle-Sconce-p/hsndgaki.htm
Blue Metal & Wood Rolling Bakers Shelf

Elephant Ring Holders

 To purchase elephant ring holders online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Pewter-Elephant-Ring-Holder-p/ndhaelep.htm
Pig Bookends
 To purchase pig bookends online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Terra-Cotta-White-Pig-Bookend-Set-p/ndandbookpig.htm
Turquoise Treasure Box

Gorgeous Wall Plates
 To purchase the plates online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Terra-Cotta-Haven-Wall-Plate-Set-p/tehabencd.htm
Galvanized Tin Cake Plates with Fun Sussies
 To purchase galvanized stands online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Galvanized-Tin-Cake-Stand-Pedestal-p/gtcsp.htm
Signs - Back in Stock
To purchase either of these two signs online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Canvas-Sign-Happier-Than-a-Bird-with-a-French-Fry-p/bshbff2.htm
here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Vintage-Style-Block-Sign-Feel-the-Rain-p/rshidftr.htm
Hanging Hand Mirrors Aqua

Large Antique Botanical

Shabby Old Open Frames

Pink Spring Door Basket

Canvas Baskets

Embellished Wood Blocks - Great for gallery walls - they all hang!

Paris Map Fluer de Lis & Eiffel Towers Framed

Pink Cast Iron Hooks
 To purchase cast iron wall hooks, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Distressed-Cast-Iron-Colored-Wall-Hooks-p/dcacolf.htm
Metallic Linen Tufted Chair

Glitter Easter Eggs

French Provincial Dresser

Black & White Chevron Bench

Farmhouse Sign
 To purchase the oink sign online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Modern-Farmhouse-Sign-Oink-Moo-Cock-p/dmadndfam.htm
Farmhouse Tin Cow Sign
 To purchase the cow milk sign, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Metal-Antiqued-Cow-Drink-Milk-Sign-p/msjfmilk.htm
White Hanging Vanity Mirrors

Black & White Washtub on Stand

Frantiques Orange Chevron Table

Potted Herbs and More Embellished Wood Wall Blocks

Baa & Moo Cow & Sheep Wall Decor

Lake House Signs
 To purchase the lake signs online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=escape
Aged Tin Swan Easter Centerpiece Decor

Red & Yellow Cast Iron Hooks

Family Carnival Style Sign
 To purchase the family sign online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/32-Fun-Family-Wall-Sign-p/danfdunfam.htm
Turquoise Cast Iron Wall Hooks

Embellished Wall Plaques

We have a new sale section in the shop - everything in it is 50% off!

Rooster, Pig, & Cow White Ceramic & Glass Jars
To purchase these farm jars online, click here: http://www.uptowncountryhome.com/Barn-Animal-Jar-Set-p/barnset.htm