Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Checking in - January 2016

Hello again January!

Normally I'm not an abstract painter, but I do tell my clients I will paint anything! (and that includes their furniture too) This one was commissioned by Dayme Walther for one of her fab Dallas design clients.  Was so much fun to do - especially the request for gold leafing peeking through. Once I started with the leafing I wanted to spread that stuff on everything in site.  It's addicting for people like us.  You know who you are and you know what I mean.  Added this painting to the "Etcetera" in my gallery because it is definitely not my usual subject, but I enjoyed it.
"Worthy" 48x60

Uptown Country is getting ready for a big makeover and a space move at Richardson Mercantile.  I am taking over the space of Sarah at R & R Design Works - which means the new spot comes complete with reclaimed wood chevron walls! This is what it looks like now (Uptown Country sale on the left, my new space on the right, my baby helping sweep.) Now somebody please explain to me my this kid HAS to have a broom with him at all times!?
Thompson helping at Richardson Mercantile
Ok you see those walls now?  Want them in your house?  She can do it for you.  She also has a way cool new pop up shop at the redone Dallas Farmer's Market where I picked up one of these, for my sister of course.  
Art Print by Sarah at Pop Up 214
Finally tonight, just a pic of the tiny Uptown Country at City View Antiques right now.  Come shop!
Uptown Country at City View Antique Mall

Friday, January 1, 2016

Wrapping up 2015 with some new paintings!

WOOHOO HAPPY 2016!!!When I'm not working on Uptown Country's booths, online shop, or custom furniture painting - painting actual paintings is the name of the game.  Below are my commissions (and 2 gifts!) from December of 2015.  I am more than grateful for this part of my business and the clients that allow me to pursue this creative outlet.  These customers gave me some pretty fantastic subjects (ie: cute kids and a dog that drinks Starbucks).

Coach Daddy 16x20, gifted to my husband

Diamonds 12x12, Commission

Babe 11x14, Commission
Inman Family 16x20, Commission

To Have and To Hold Hands 24x30, gifted to my friend (the bride)

Stephanie Kissing Mama 11x14, Commission