Friday, February 19, 2016

Mid Feb Uptown Country Home Happenings

Took another stab at an abstract painting.  The painting shown after it is a recent commission of a family at Disneyland - clearly I am all over the map on what client's commission me to paint!  For more info on my artwork, click here.

Evelyn 24x30

Clearly not a professional blog photographer you can see me in the mirror :)
Disney Family 24x30
Today was a seats down - furniture in - carseat out day. Or as some like to call it, mother's day out.  Delivered new treasures and fluffed things up at both of my antique malls.
Pics below. 

Also, save the date because the Dallas Flea (now known as Flea Style) is back!  Uptown Country and Frantiques will collaborate again with 3 spaces in a few weeks.

Happy weekend. Love, Jenny

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Sweet Suite Redo at Rirchardson Mercantile

Uptown Country moved into it's new spot at Richardson Mercantile with only one small staple-gun-to-the-head injury!  Pics of the suite makeover below...