Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Latest Works...

Jones Children's Art Collaboration, 48x60, Commission

Steindorf Children's Art Collaboration, 36x48, Commission

Beach Ball Baby, 9.5x12, Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art

Beach Friends, 12x16, Commission

Brady Babies, 24x30, Commission

Brunch, 12x16, Sold at Anne Irwin Fine Art

Scooter, 9x12, Commission

Scotland Wedding Family, 8x10, Commission

Summer Floral, 12x12, Available at Summer Colors
The Floral Project, 24x24, Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art
Digger Baby, 12x16, Available at Anne Irwin Fine Art
Villanova, 36x60, Commission

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Latest Works...

Diecast Lightening, 36x36

Diecast Cruz, 36x36

Hills Children's Art Collaboration, 30x48, Commission

Baylor Crowd, 11x14, Commission

Gasparilla I, 11x12, Commission

Gasparilla II, 9.5x11, Commission

Gasparilla III, 11x14, Commission

Indie Pop, 36x48

Klitch Children's Art Collaboration, 48x60

Mix Tape, 30x40

Nonnie & Finley, 11x14, Commission

Play List, 30x40

Reese & Lulu, 5x7, Commission

Monday, March 12, 2018

Latest Works...

Reinhart Children's Art Collaboration,36x48, Commission

Conquering the World, 18x24, SOLD

Grunge, 30x40, SOLD

Hamlin Beach Baby, 9x12, Commission

Hattie Orange Beach, 18x24, Commission

Instrumental, 36x36

Kamela's Boys II, 16x20, Commission

Live a Little, Pair of 24x36, Commission

Molina, 36x60, Commission

Opera, 36x36

Pal Family, 11x14, Commission

Rhythm and Blues, 30x40, SOLD

Snow Mass Hike, 8x10, Commission

Soundtrack, 24x36, SOLD

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018! Latest Works...

Alt Rock 40x50, Sold

Abney 36x48, Children's Art Collaboration Commission

Baby S 36x48, Commission

Bella 11x14, Commission

Day Day II 36x36, Commission

Elizabeth C 24x24, Commission

Eve and Leo 8x10, Commission

Frequency 30x40, Sold

Golf Buddies 11x14, Commission

Harrington House 11x14, Commission

Huntley and Papa 11x14, Commission

Huntley, Granny and Grandaddy 11x14, Commission

Kelly Kids 24x36, Commission

Neighbors 8x10, Commission

Rainbow Bridge Dogs 24x36, Commission

Reese and Daddy 5x7, Commission

Slow Jams 12x18 each, Available
For more information, please visit the J.Grumbles Studio website.

Happy New Year!