Monday, September 23, 2019

Latest Works, September 2019

Ava, 12x12, Commission

Bailey Ann & Daddy, 11x14, Commission

Cain Family, 24x36, Commission

Cruel Summer Remix, 30x40, SOLD

Eli Children's Art Collaboration, 22x28, Commission

First Catch, 10x10, Commission

Hip House, 12x16, SOLD

Katz's Deli, 18x24, Commission

Kona, 8x10, Commission

Love Song, 20x20, SOLD

New Acoustic, 24x36, Available

Simple Song A, 30x40, Available

Simple Song B, 16x20, Available

Sweet Emotion A, 12x12, Available

Sweet Emotion B, 12x12, Available

Sweet Emotion C, 10x10, Available 

Sweet Emotion D, 10x10, Available

Terry Children's Art Collaboration, 36x72, Commission

Tina & Sam, 18x24, Commission

We All Scream, 22x28, Commission

Monday, June 10, 2019

Latest Works June 2019

Costa Verde Wedding, 36x48, Commission

Beach Brothers, 12x12, Commission

Bear in Doggles, 12x16, Commission

Cathy, 11x14, Commission

Coleman Boys, 11x14, Commission

Contemporary Gospel,  32x40 Diptych, SOLD

Dream Pop, 36x48, Commission

Freestyle Rap, 18x24, SOLD

Gilberts 12x16, Commission

Godfreys 18x24, Commission

Indie Folk, 36x48, SOLD

Sung Poetry, 30x40, Available

Traci Blue, 36x36, Commission

Traci Pink, 42x42, Commission

Traci White, 48x72, Commission

ECEC Children's Art Collaboration, 48x60, Commission

OConnor Children's Art Collaboration, 36x48, Commission

Walker Children's Art Collaboration, 48x60, Commission

Monday, February 18, 2019

Latest Works February 2019

Celebratory Cocktail 18x24, Commission

Corcoran Grandchildren 30x40, Commission

Gail Children's Art Collaboration 30x55, Commission

Galveston Beach Babies 16x20, Commission

Game of Throw Ins 24x30, Commission

Girls in White Dresses 16x20, Commission

Hanover House 12x16, Commission

Horse Farm Unicorn Princess 24x36, Donation for Lionheart Academy

Just Married 18x24, Commission

Mamas Girls 12x16, Commission

Man's BFF 12x16, Commission

Matt and Tom 11x14, Commission

Holley Childrens Art Collaboration 36x72, Commission

T and C 12x16, Commission

UCLA Dog 11x14, Commission

Ultimate Dance Party 36x48, Donation for The Birthday Party Project

With Daddy on the Pier 18x24, Commission

Yogi 12x16, Commission