Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New in the shop, show us your stuff, and new paintings! November 13, 2013

Here's what's new in the shop right now!
Dress form with Wings

Shabby White China Cabinet with Mirrors

Pink Xmas

French End Tables


Xmas Card Boards & Vintage Santas

French End Table

Giganto Mason Jars

Pink Xmas

Frantiques Fabric Tree

Faux Bamboo Table

Pink Xmas

Wreaths & Burlap Pillows

Mirrored Windows & Chalkboards

Cool Bookshelf

Cutest Pig Cutting Boards

Wood Beaded Chandelier

Grey Console Table

Tin Ornganizing Buckets

Gorg Star Mirror

Funky Stool & White Xmas

Jars Galore


Upholstered Full Bed

Burlap Cord Covers

Blue & Aqua Xmas

Lots of Ornaments

Amazing Iron and Tin Table

Funky Garlands

Yellow Dresser

Cool Metal Tree

Tin Letters

Glitter Ornaments

Tin Ribbon!

Cool Lampshade Chandeliers


Amazing Vintage Rooster

Bakery Display Jars

Don't forget you can SHOW US YOUR STUFF like our customer's below did and we will send you a big coupon!  See pics below of our treasures in our customer's houses!  Email us pics of anything you buy here in your house to and we will send you a coupon! For more info, click here:

Nancy's Wire Basket

Leslie's Side Table

Leslie's Red Chip Rack

Katherine's Table, Chairs & Coffee Table

Julia's Table & Chairs

Lindsey's Window Wall

Lindsey's Pillows, Curtains, & Bookshelf

Lindsey's Shutter Display

Lindsey's TV Stand

Lindsey's Wall Decor

Lindsey's Pendant Lights

Emily's Cabinet

Caroline's Side Table

Caroline's Mirror

Ann's Dining Table

Amanda's Baskets, Mirror & Dresser

Also, just shipped off these commissions to their new homes this month! Check out more at 

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