Friday, August 10, 2012

MORE NEW STUFF! August 10, 2012

Hot Pink Wired Burlap Ribbon Rolls

Cute Ceramic Frames

Jewelry Wall Racks

Baroque White Frames

Cute Magnets & Hooks

Old Baseballs Glass Lamp

More hooks, in Turquoise!
Vintage Mirror

Glossy Turquoise Candle Holders

Yes indeed, Thank you God

Robin's Egg Blue Burlap!

Vintage Reproduction Fans
Tall Gold Mirror

Cute Made-over Vintage Curio

Red Trucks & Red Bird S&P Shakers

So true in the hot Texas summer...

Best Catchalls Ever

More birdies and ceramic frames...

Paper Mache Birds

Red Chip Clip Photo & Card Stands

More Cute Hooks

Yellow Rake Jewelry Racks
Burlap Floral Wall Racks & A GIGANTIC candle holder

Light Up Peace Carnival Signs!

Burlap & Ribbon Lamp Shades

Close up of the burlap hook racks

Long Ivory Dresser
Striped Beige Dresser

Ornate White Vintage Bookshelf

Creamy Light Grey Burlap

Ummm..cutest buckets ever

Silver elephant ring holders

Embellished Glass Bottles

Tiered Stands

Owls & Lamps


4 Amazing Barstools


Jenny said...

I am in love with all of your stuff! I wish that I lived closer. My husband was watching storage wars and got me hooked when I started to see your creations.

I was actually wondering if you were selling the baseball lamp, the white owl lamp and the turquoise candle holders. I did not see them on your website. Thanks!

Francesca said...

Wow! nice! I love these things ♥