Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Commissions!

"Cabo Dogs" 48x72
These puppies are headed to a home in Mexico for the holidays!
This is the last weekend we can take commissions needed by 12/25...
More info here:
and of course here:
or email for info here:

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! I just came across your blog in my desperate search for a campaign dresser. I saw that your shop had a cream campaign dresser for sale back in June and a green one for sale back in May. If you happen to come across another one, or no of someone selling one could you let me know? My name is Amanda Cooper and my email address is I've been searching Craigslist like crazy and haven't been able to find any. I'm looking for a dresser with seven drawers just like the cream or green ones you had in your shop. Help please! Your shop looks like it has some great items, but I currently live in Birmingham, AL and I have yet to find anywhere around here with a campaign dresser for sale. I would greatly appreciate your help if you come across another one!

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!