Monday, August 16, 2010

CUSTOMER PADS: Still Showin' Us Your Stuff!

It has been so fun to see pictures of see our merchandise in your homes, apartments, dorms, offices, etc.  You can still email us pics for a HUGE coupon....details HERE.

See more Uptown Country merch in customer's pad's by clicking on the links below:

Below are images from our cute and crafty customer Kristen's new apartment.  Her coffee table, window mirror, dresser, scrabble decor, frames, pillows, and more were bought at the UCH!


Karen said...

I so LOVE the cute items Kristen has found at Uptown Country Home.

You ladies are the BEST, and we love your store!

Thanks for everything!

Zadinak said...

I second that, Mom!

I can't get enough of UPC!